01. What classes are available to homeschool students?

Classes available to homeschool students can be found by visiting the MCS Course Guide. Your assigned counselor will work to personalize courses to suit your specific needs.

02. Do homeschool families get to choose their classes?

Yes! Homeschool families are able to choose classes that best fit the needs and schedule of their child.

03. Can my child take tests like the ACT through Moore County Schools?

Any student enrolled in 11th grade with Moore County Schools will take the ACT assessment during the Spring of their junior year.  This assessment is free for the students.

04. Can my child earn college credits through high school course offerings?

Yes! Visit Moore County Schools Career and College Promise page to learn about the available college credits that can be earned by clicking here.

05. Can my child become a homeschool student and also graduate from one of your high schools?

Yes! Homeschool students can be dual-enrolled and earn a diploma from their home school and their high school.

06. Can my child take Drivers Education through Moore County Schools?


07. Are there athletics available for my child?

Yes! Your assigned counselor will walk you through the full list of athletic opportunities available to you.

08. What are the requirements for participating in school athletics?

Click here to see the requirements set forth by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. Scroll down the page and look for “Checklists” to see the full set of requirements.

09. How do I schedule a tour and/or meeting with the principal?

Families interested in learning more about our schools can schedule a tour through their assigned counselor (virtual tours available during extended school closures).

10. What is the cost of participating?

Homeschool students are welcome to participate in the available classes free of charge.